3 Tips For Building a Successful Email Nurture Campaign

Email Nurture Campaigns tend to be one of the biggest priorities for our new clients.

There are 3 things to keep in mind when planning and building a new campaign:

1. Keep It Simple.

Don’t over complicate the workflows or customer journeys before you have large amounts of customer behavioral data to segment and optimize. It’s best to start with a really simple workflow, ideally just a 1-3 branches.

2. Focus On The Bottom Of The Funnel First.

The bottom of the funnel is the group closest to conversion. It’s really important to make sure that your bottom of the funnel operates flawlessly before moving a large number of users through the funnel. Think about what actions you can build into your nurture campaign to get those contacts who are closest to conversion to actually convert (ex: book an intro call, schedule a demo).

3. Have A Very Clear Call-To-Action (CTA) In Every Email.

There should be one clear path or step for the user to take and it should be immediately obvious to the recipient. This can be a button to book a meeting, read a blog post, buy a product, etc.

Once you have enough data from your initial campaign, then you can use results to build out branches and customize over time.

Lead Love has tons of experience building successful custom Email Nurture Campaigns, so if you’re curious about starting to use email for your brand, book an intro meeting with us today!