Track Marketing Campaign Results with Hubsot’s Campaigns Tool: Best Practices, How to Use, and Why (with Video)

Curious how to track campaign results from a bird’s eye view, and/or organize assets around campaigns in HubSpot? That would be the ‘campaigns’ tool. This feature provides a centralized location for managing and analyzing the performance of your marketing campaign assets. You can track results, collaborate with team members, and ultimately make data-driven decisions.

HubSpot’s ‘campaigns’ tool provides a centralized location for managing and analyzing the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Here are some reasons why using HubSpot’s Campaigns Tool can be beneficial:

1. Increased visibility: The tool provides a high-level view of all your campaigns, allowing you to quickly assess their performance and identify areas for improvement.

2. Better organization: You can group your assets by topic, objective, and other relevant categories, making it easier to keep track their effectiveness as a group.

3. Streamlined collaboration: you can invite team members to collaborate on specific campaigns, helping to ensure everyone is on the same page.

4. Improved measurement: You can track the performance of your campaigns as a whole. KPI’s include clicks, conversions, and ROI based on closed/won amounts.

5. Time-saving: With all your campaign data in one place, you won’t need to build multiple custom reports to get performance insights.

Check out the video at the top of this post for a screen share overview of how to use the campaigns tool.

Adding Assets to a Campaign

You can add a variety of assets to your campaigns, including: ad campaigns, blog posts, call to actions, emails, forms, landing pages, marketing events, social posts, static lists, website pages, and workflows.

Collaboration with Team Members

You can collaborate with team members using comments. Leave feedback and suggestions for improvement directly on specific assets or the campaign as a whole.

Reporting on Campaigns

You can report on your campaign ROI using different models (ex: first touch, last touch). You can also see key performance indicators (KPIs) including number of new contacts generated, number of influenced contacts, overall clicks and opens.

Recap: Why Use HubSpot’s Campaigns Tool?

HubSpot’s Campaign Overview tool provides a centralized location for managing and analyzing your marketing campaigns, making it easier to track progress and optimize performance. By using the tool, you can improve collaboration with team members, save time on report-building, and ultimately make data-driven decisions.

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