Lead generation is one of the most crucial tasks for any marketing & sales team. If lead generation isn’t made a priority with a plan to ensure it’s effective, the new business pipeline may never really get off the ground.

To optimize your lead generation efforts, you’ll need to make sure you’re making the most of your lead generation software. Marketing and sales teams today have some incredibly powerful and user-friendly tools at their fingertips. But it does take some expertise to get technology like HubSpot set up and running in a way that’s effective and easy for the entire team to collaborate in.

At Lead Love, we can help you use HubSpot across the entire customer journey, allowing you to engage, close, and grow with a steady influx of new customers. We’re a team that’s been working in HubSpot all day every day since 2017, generating excellent results for B2B and real estate clients.


What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting new potential customers to your company. It’s all about taking prospects who might never have heard of you before and converting them into interested leads who are curious to learn more and genuinely considering making a purchase.

HubSpot’s lead generation tools give us the ability to guide prospects through the buyer’s journey at scale – nurturing thousands of customers with the right messages on any given day. By the time a prospect is ready to speak with the sales team, they’re informed and qualified.


Why are HubSpot’s tools important?

Here are a few reasons why lead generation is so critical for companies:

Responding to leads quickly and effectively skyrockets the chances of converting them into customers. At the same time, your competitors are struggling to do this effectively. Get ahead of them and start optimizing your sales processes.


How We Help

Here’s how we can help you use HubSpot as effectively as possible, creating a steady stream of engaged (and qualified) leads who are interested in speaking with your sales team.

Develop demand generation campaigns. Demand generation is all about ramping up interest in the products and services your business offers. We can run online advertising campaigns that are connected with your HubSpot portal and any other CRM you might be using, like Salesforce. With the proper integration of technologies, we can track the ROI of each advertising campaign and move budget around based on which campaigns are bringing in the most revenue.

Map out lead nurture programs. Once leads are in HubSpot, we take them through a nurture process with email campaigns and customized content based on the information they’ve given us. We provide potential customers with all the information they want, bringing them toward the point where they self-select as ready to speak with a sales representative.

Reporting dashboards to measure the success of your marketing efforts. Of course, we can help you track your marketing activities, measure their effectiveness, and make improvements based on data. Clear and well-presented HubSpot analytics dashboards can be the key to keeping your marketing and sales teams aligned and moving forward with shared goals. Fortunately, HubSpot comes packed with analytics features. We can show you how to harness the vast amount of information available and start growing with clear, data-driven direction.

Better understand your marketing and sales funnels. We can help you create clear snapshots of your buyers, and then map out their journeys from awareness to customer. From there, we use HubSpot to understand conversion rates and optimize each step of the buying journey. 

Prioritize your goals. Focus your energy on the activities that will generate revenue and growth, and stop wasting time in areas that aren’t adding to the bottom line. With HubSpot, we can tell you what’s working and what’s not. And we’re well-versed in collaborating with clients to choose the lowest-hanging fruit each step of the way.


Our Areas of Expertise

We can help you create clear definitions within your marketing and sales processes, streamline your pipelines, and ultimately drive revenue. Here are our areas of expertise:

  • HubSpot Marketing Automation and CRM — we can help you benefit from the power of marketing and sales automation
  • HubSpot and Salesforce Integrations — we bring your suite of tools together, combining their benefits and ensuring you get the full picture in one place
  • Define lifecycle stages and deal stages — we help you create clear plans for taking contacts from first contact to closed/won deal.
  • Email Nurture Campaigns — we help you customize your prospects’ buying journeys, giving them the information they are looking for at any given time
  • Customer Success — happy customers are your biggest advocates and a powerful sales asset. We support advocacy campaigns, net promoter score gathering, and support ticket systems via HubSpot’s Service Hub.
  • Lead Qualification and Routing — we set up automation rules to identify the best leads and route them to the right members of your sales team
  • HubSpot Sales Pro — we offer training and coaching for sales teams to get them get even more productive using automated sequences, templates, booking links, and more.


Lead Love can help you make the most out of HubSpot’s lead generation software. We’ll show you how to use the most relevant features to your advantage, work the new tools into your strategy, and ultimately grow your business.

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