Any business has one common goal that each team needs to be aware of and engaged in: to grow revenue.


This principle is at the heart of revenue operations, or RevOps. It’s a mindset that says marketing, sales, leadership, and all the other parts of your organization need to align and work together. 


By sharing data, supporting each other, and communicating effectively, your teams combine to grow your business and drive revenue.


Here’s why we’re paying attention to revenue operations:


  • Poor alignment is costing clients money. Growing businesses, particularly in the SaaS space, lose 20-30% of their revenue to operational inefficiencies.


  • It works. Companies with aligned go-to-market functions see, on average, 19% faster growth and 15% more profits.


  • Competitors are prioritizing RevOps. 24% of businesses already have a revenue operations team, and 15.2% are in the process of putting one together. Another survey found that there was a was 55% growth in RevOps adoption over the course of 2019.


How Lead Love helps with Revenue Operations

Here are just some of the ways Lead Love can help you embrace revenue operations, align the various wings of your business, and eliminate operational inefficiencies.


Identify potential bottlenecks through the marketing and sales funnel. Where are you running into issues? The first step is to identify the steps of your marketing and sales funnels, and figure out exactly where leads are dropping off. We’ll help you through that process so you can patch up your funnels and increase conversions.


Troubleshoot API integrations through HubSpot and Salesforce. Are your systems communicating properly? Getting these tools to work together smoothly is a fast way to improve alignment between teams.


Create powerful workflows to nurture your leads down the marketing funnel. B2B and real estate businesses tend to have long (3+ month) buying journeys that involve multiple teams. To make your funnel as seamless and profitable as possible, you need collaboration. We’ll help you build workflows that keep the right team members notified and engaged at each step.


Support sales operations to save your sales reps time. We offer HubSpot technology training and coaching for sales teams. The end-goal is to optimize their time so that it’s focused on high-value activities, like speaking with qualified prospects. We help with automating things like: scheduling meetings, following-up with leads who have gone quiet, and sharing templates that are working well across the entire team.


Automate lead routing based on your specific company needs. We’ll help you automatically send the right leads to the right people to maximize the chance of a successful outcome.


Optimize cross-selling initiatives and drive customer retention through nurture campaigns. The customer journey doesn’t end after the sale has completed. To continue growing, we can help you make the most of up-sell and cross-sell campaigns at scale.


Align your sales and marketing department by creating transparency on the touchpoints of a lead. Your sales and marketing teams contact customers at different points in their journey and learn different things about them. Each team has a vital role to play, and if they work together they can benefit from each other’s unique experiences. We make it easy for each to gain insights and guidance from the other to better understand your leads and improve conversions.


Align sales and marketing on lead quality. What makes a lead high quality? Definitions can vary, so it’s important to have a consistent and shared understanding of what high quality means. We use lead scoring and standardized definitions to achieve this.


Our Areas of Expertise


We can help you create clear definitions within your marketing and sales processes, streamline your pipelines, and ultimately drive revenue. Here are our areas of expertise:


HubSpot Marketing Automation and CRM — we can help you benefit from the power of marketing and sales automation

HubSpot and Salesforce Integrations — we bring your suite of tools together, combining their benefits and ensuring you get the full picture in one place

Define lifecycle stages and deal stages — we help you create clear plans for taking contacts from first contact to closed/won deal.

Email Nurture Campaigns — we help you customize your prospects’ buying journeys, giving them the information they are looking for at any given time

Customer Success — happy customers are your biggest advocates and a powerful sales asset. We support advocacy campaigns, net promoter score gathering, and support ticket systems via HubSpot’s Service Hub.

Lead Qualification and Routing — we set up automation rules to identify the best leads and route them to the right members of your sales team

HubSpot Sales Pro — we offer training and coaching for sales teams to get them get even more productive using automated sequences, templates, booking links, and more.


Work with Lead Love

By bringing your sales and marketing teams into alignment, you can quickly improve your revenue operations. We can help by building cohesion, efficiency, and productivity with HubSpot.


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