A CRM is a necessity when it comes to running an effective business and meeting your customers’ needs. Combining your normal CRM (HubSpot or Salesforce) activities with automation can supercharge your new business pipeline.


What is Sales Enablement?

We define sales enablement as: activities (especially automation) aimed at making follow-up as easy and efficient as possible for your sales representatives.


A solid sales enablement strategy gives your sales team everything they need to do a great job. That means making sure they have the right qualifying information on every lead, access to training on automation tools, and shared reporting dashboards with transparency into the entire lead generation process.


Here are a few reasons why sales enablement is important:

  • It’s exploding in popularity. Searches for “Sales Enablement” on Google increase by 51.2% year over year.
  • It’s genuinely helpful for salespeople. With sales enablement, the percentage of salespeople achieving quota improved by 10.6%.
  • It has a major impact on organizations. As a result of sales enablement, 76% of organizations see an increase in sales between 6% to 20%.
  • It improves customer experience. With sales enablement, buyers were more than twice as likely (61.8%) to say that salespeople meet their expectations, whereas 31.8% said salespeople exceed them.



It’s our job to make sure our clients don’t miss out. We help clients extract maximum value from HubSpot and other tools so they can grow as efficiently as possible. Here’s how we do it:


Troubleshoot and set up CRM integrations like Salesforce and HubSpot. We’ll guide you through the process of working toward full-funnel reporting. This requires effective and clear communication between tech platforms so that your marketing and sales teams can work from fully accurate and shared lists.

Map out and automate deal pipelines. Managing your sales pipelines efficiently is key to ensuring you convert leads to customers at the highest rate possible. We apply industry best-practices and automation create high-converting deal pipeline stages.

Identify inefficiencies and roadblocks. What’s holding your team back from increasing revenue? We break down your sales process into it’s building blocks so you can identify and keep the things that work and discard those that don’t.

Train sales teams and establish standard processes.  We help you implement standard processes involving meetings, documents, lead statuses, automating tasks, and more to give your sales team everything they need to work collaboratively and excel.

Develop sales and marketing dashboards. Clear, c-suite-friendly dashboards allow you to share results easily, and make data-backed decisions. We create custom HubSpot dashboards for each team to ensure we’re making the most of the data available to us.

Tie your technology stack together. Your tech stack probably consists of a range of different powerful tools and solutions, like CRM, CMS, analytics tools, SEO software, and much more. By tying all these elements together into one ‘Hub’ (ex: HubSpot), you get more out of each piece. HubSpot helps you see the overall picture and understand where leads come from, how they typically behave, where they leave the process, and how to improve.

Improve your customer/lead experience. Tools here include chat support, automated meeting booking, smart website and email content, and more.

Analytics and reporting. We’ll show you how to use HubSpot’s data to identify bottlenecks, and consistently improve results.


For example, here are some questions HubSpot may be able to answer for you:

  • Are your prospects converting to MQLs at the right time? If not, why are some falling through the cracks? 
  • Are your leads receiving the right amount, not enough, or too much content before talking to sales? If your leads see too little of your content before you contact them, they won’t be ready to make a decision. On the other hand, if you bombard them with too much content they may be overwhelmed and leave before you can reach them.
  • Are your sales reps contacting leads fast enough? It’s essential to make sure your reps aren’t struggling to handle too many leads at once, and that you’re keeping the lead flow running smoothly.
  • How long does it take to close a sale with an advertising campaign lead vs. an event lead? Gaining insight into how much time and resources go into closing customers from different sources helps to inform your new business strategy moving forward.



Our Areas of Expertise

We can help you create clear definitions within your marketing and sales processes, streamline your pipelines, and ultimately drive revenue. Here are our areas of expertise:


HubSpot Marketing Automation and CRM — we can help you benefit from the power of marketing and sales automation

HubSpot and Salesforce Integrations — we bring your suite of tools together, combining their benefits and ensuring you get the full picture in one place.

Define lifecycle stages and deal stages — we help you create clear plans for taking contacts from first contact to closed/won deal.

Email Nurture Campaigns — we help you customize your prospects’ buying journeys, giving them the information they are looking for at any given time

Customer Success — happy customers are your biggest advocates and a powerful sales asset. We support advocacy campaigns, net promoter score gathering, and support ticket systems via HubSpot’s Service Hub.

Lead Qualification and Routing — we set up automation rules to identify the best leads and route them to the right members of your sales team

HubSpot Sales Pro — we offer training and coaching for sales teams to get them get even more productive using automated sequences, templates, booking links, and more.


Lead Love’s goal is to help clients increase revenue. A key to this is to give sales teams access to technologies that help them close more deals, faster – and clear, actionable reporting dashboards.


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