3 Ways to Build Your Website: How to Know What’s Best for You

The best option for you will depend on your timeline, budget, and goals.

DIY Website

This is great for bootstrap startups or independent consultants/service providers who may have limited bandwidth and are looking to create an online presence. DIY websites are very low cost and you can usually get them up and running within a day or two. Ex: Squarespace, Wix, etc

WordPress Template

This one is great for companies with a strong product-market fit and are starting to generate consistent revenue. The founder may not have time to be fiddling around with a DIY website, and is looking to create something a little more customizable. Themeforest has thousands of high-quality templates to choose from that can be built cost-effectively and in a relatively quick timeline.

Custom Design & Build

Custom builds are perfect for clients with a really specific vision for their website. You’re able to create a super unique site with custom integrations and animations. If you’re planning to invest a lot of resources in driving traffic to your site, then a custom build for a one-of-a-kind website is likely worth the investment.

Lead Love can help you choose and develop a site that fits best with your needs and goals. Schedule an intro call with us to get started!