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Lead Love excels in striking the balance between long-term strategies and speedy results. We start by creating marketing assets and automated processes that have the potential to make a positive impact on your business today. All while building those key components, we are researching your prospects and the paths they take to becoming customers. We use this information to build a foundation for efficient and effective sales and marketing strategies moving forward. Then, we circle back to those assets to iterate, optimize and build additional resources that resonate with your customers. This dynamic approach helps our clients be successful today while also preparing for a prosperous tomorrow. 


Lead conversion strategy, email marketing, landing page design, and A/B testing are a few of the tactics we leverage to bring new prospects into your funnel and convert them to customers.


Analyzing CRM data, implementing pipeline processes, and setting up sales automation systems are how we alleviate your sales team of manual tasks, increase sales efficiency, and ensure a frictionless experience for your prospects.


Advanced workflows, system integrations, lead nurture processes, and chat bots increase your ROI from marketing efforts by ensuring you stay top of mind with prospects entering your funnel and convert them the moment they are ready.

Who We Are


Grace Bishop

Founder, Account Strategy

Grace brings 10 years of experience in online marketing and corporate communications to the team. Her mission with Lead Love is to help businesses thrive by facilitating connections. She clarifies big-picture client goals, and breaks those goals out into detailed tasks and timelines.

Lisa Sienkiewicz

Project Management

Lisa is a digital marketer, copy editor, and social media specialist with 7+ years of experience. She brings to the Lead Love team a keen eye for editing, a passion for marketing, and a belief that a company’s super-power is in the art of communication. Lisa enjoys the challenge of new projects and seeing them through to fruition.

Daniel E. Ahn

Digital Advertising

Dan is a seasoned digital marketing expert with specialty in advertising and analytics. He has worked with national chains, public institutions, international ecommerce brands, and various media agencies. He enjoys reading, hiking, training in martial arts, and writing in his spare time.

Anna Haugen

Email and Marketing Automation

Anna specializes in marketing operations, copywriting, and digital marketing. With 4+ years of experience, she has a passion for data, processes and bringing contacts on a customized journey through their lifecycle. Anna gets excited about helping clients simplify and automate time consuming tasks and optimize their marketing efforts to drive results.


Kelly Hogan

UX Design

Kelly is a UX Designer and B2B Marketer with 6+ years of experience. She enjoys problem-solving from the perspective of the prospective buyer to add value through each touchpoint in the marketing funnel. Kelly believes bringing a UX mindset to the marketing process is what takes campaigns from good to great.

Andrea Di Cola

Marketing Automation

With a passion for being a part of the sales cycle, Andrea found her passion in the top of the funnel. What fires her up to get excited about her career is when a sale closes, knowing that the original lead went through her efforts to help make the company profitable. She likes to look at content from the eye of the recipient: “Would I want to read this? Why am I reading this?”.

Noah Schaik

HubSpot Strategist 

With over 5 years of sales operation management, and marketing strategies experience. Noah is focused on creating systemic processes to streamline the connection between a business's marketing efforts and their sales team. On the weekends you can find him working as a video tech for local musicians.



I love how insightful it's been, and how motivating Grace is. She gets really excited about what I'm doing, and it re-inspires me. She brings brilliant ideas to the table. When we're looking for solutions, something just pops and she'll have the creative idea we need.

Angela Wysocki

Make it Radiant


As a result of the collaboration, we have seen an increase in leads and web traffic. There is a continued return on investment, as the tactics employed by the team are constantly adapting. Lead Love is creative and possesses excellent listening and project management skills.

Marc Pavlopoulos


Lead Love has been a key partner in scaling outbound efforts. New workflows and customized email templates have streamlined the process, and they’re now working to leverage more of HubSpot’s features. The team is collaborative, knowledgeable, and quick to respond.

Managing Director
Investment Firm

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