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We exist in the space between lead generation and sales. We build trust, and nurture leads. The solution starts with getting marketing & sales systems connected and communicating. Next, we develop and implement a content marketing and email strategy that makes sure no contacts slip through the cracks. At the end of our process, we'll deliver an 'ongoing maintenance' PDF that's so simple to follow, an intern can manage it.


What are you doing with these groups of contacts: past clients, referral partners, unengaged subscribers?  Let's connect CRM and email marketing tools. Your new lead nurturing system will help you make more money from the marketing & sales dollars you're already spending.


Email marketing is like "relationship marketing". It's the most reliable way to stay top-of-mind with your audience until they're ready to buy, or make a referral. As the heart of most content marketing strategies, being strategic about email segments and story-telling is essential.


Blog posts, social media, case studies - we've got you covered. Under a cohesive, data-driven content marketing strategy, we'll deliver as much (or as little) of the content you need to fuel your lead nurturing system.

Grace Bishop

Grace is a digital marketer, corporate communications advisor, and project

manager. She spent 6 years leading multi-million dollar marketing programs before creating Lead Love. Her mission with Lead Love is to help business owners connect with the right audiences; people who share the same beliefs.


She envisions the big-picture goals together with her clients and then breaks them out into detailed projects, tasks, and timelines.



I love how insightful it's been, and how motivating Grace is. She gets really excited about what I'm doing, and it re-inspires me. She brings brilliant ideas to the table. When we're looking for solutions, something just pops and she'll have the creative idea we need.

Angela Wysocki

Make it Radiant


Grace is a thoughtful and organized leader in mindful marketing. Her flexibility and adaptability have been much needed and appreciated for our small startup. Her consistency and strategizing have helped us improve revenue. 

Serena Roschman
Room to Breathe


Grace is able to be patient and pull out and condense down what's in my head, and everyone else's, and break everything down to clear goals and objectives.

Meg Jamison
Soul Work

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