Accelerate Your B2B Demand Generation with Streamlined Video-First Content

We help founder-led b2b service providers elevate their thought-leadership with minimal time and effort.


At Lead Love, we understand the unique challenges faced by founder-led B2B service providers. That’s why we’ve designed a personalized and professional video-first demand generation  service that requires just an hour of your time each month.

In this hour, we collaborate with you to create four impactful videos, along with engaging blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters, all tailored to resonate with your audience and reflect your brand’s voice.

Our approach is not only efficient but also deeply considerate of your time and budget constraints. By entrusting us with your content needs, you gain a reliable partner committed to enhancing your brand’s reputation and generating qualified  leads, letting you stay focused on what you do best – managing your business.

How We Work With You

One-time Service:

We offer a one-time service to create and optimize online profiles for platforms like UpWork, LinkedIn,, and any other industry-specific listings, ensuring a strong and professional digital presence for your business.

Monthly Service:

Each month, Lead Love conducts a one-hour recording session to create 4 short Q&A style videos, drawing on questions founders are  frequently asked or recent insights in their field.

Post-recording, our team handles everything: editing videos, crafting LinkedIn and website blog posts for each video, publishing them weekly on YouTube, LinkedIn, and your website, optimizing for search, and managing online profiles and outreach as needed.

We also provide monthly performance reports to track progress.

Quarterly Service:

Quarterly, Lead Love curates the best videos into an email newsletter, potentially including a personal note from the Founder. This newsletter is distributed to current clients, past clients, lost prospects, and partners via HubSpot, maintaining engagement and reinforcing relationships.

Tools & Technologies We Work With

A few of the tools most widely recognized and requested.


Relevant Videos

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What Our Clients are Saying

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Concise, authentic information sharing should be the focus. Two types of videos are well-received:


  • Anti-production
  • Professionally produced + polished


The type of video that will make you look bad is the in-between. This is the type of video where there’s obvious production effort, but it’s not executed well.

We’ve all seen these videos - cheesy animations, stock photography slides, awkward cutaways to different angles. 


Professionally produced videos are great, but usually not practical or affordable for bootstrapped founders to produce every week. They come with less room for experimentation and risk-taking as well. Professionally produced videos should have thoughtful planning behind them given the time and costs associated.


We’ve found the anti-production video style to be powerful for bootstrapped Founders. Think of Tik Tok-style videos. A shaky video recorded on an iPhone will get millions of views and likes when the content resonates. Everyone posts on social media these days, and the expectation has shifted - now more than ever, viewers want authenticity.

And they want information fast. Focus on concise, authentic information sharing. When we record, the Lead Love team will coach you to be relaxed and be real with what you share; to act like you’re in a zoom meeting with a client, to make “eye contact” with your laptop camera, and to just answer the questions (prompts) the way you normally would.

This package is designed to save Founders time. We focus on the essentials only. One meeting per month is all we need to accomplish all the “must do '' marketing tasks that keep dropping off your to-do list: keep social profiles up to date, respond to RFPs, stay top of mind with your network

SEO has many parts that include but are not limited to: technical SEO, on-site SEO, link-building, localization, keyword strategy, and content creation. This service covers keyword strategy and content creation. For the clients we engage with - this is what’s most impactful. As long as nothing is critically wrong with your website, our work will increase your organic search traffic.

For clients who would like more advanced or full-service SEO engagement, our SEO partner agency is ready to help.

YouTube videos appear at the top of Google search results, emphasizing the increasing importance of a strong video strategy. But these are two separate search engines. The keywords used for YouTube searches are different from the keywords that are used for Google searches. Lead Love uses YouTube keyword research tools to generate topics most applicable for YouTube/video optimization. The two keyword strategies are complementary, but separate.

LinkedIn is the third platform we optimize for. A couple of keys for LinkedIn success are:

  • Publish as an individual, and then share the post from the company page. The LinkedIn feed prioritizes content published by individuals, so this is one way to increase visibility.

  • Complete hashtag research, then consistently use a number of hashtags for each post. This is one way we make sure your videos/posts are visible to people outside of your network.

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