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Who we are

Effective communication is our north star, and we love solving complex RevOps “puzzles”. We come from diverse professional backgrounds in B2B marketing, software development, sales operations, and customer success. These skills get pooled together to solve the toughest RevOps challenges. We’ve built out hundreds of HubSpot portals, and are advocates for the power of simplicity. Ease of system maintenance, buy-in, and user adoption are top considerations behind all of our recommendations. If you’re looking for a RevOps team that’s tech savvy, communicates effectively, and genuinely cares about your success – you’re in the right place.

Where we work

As a remote team, here’s where we’ll be zooming in from:

- Director of Admissions, Educational Institution

Lead Love is extremely innovative, technical and intuitive. We have brainstorming sessions with them weekly, and then watch these sessions come to life. Our projects are ongoing, and we truly love the work we receive."

- CEO & Founder MAKS Enterprises

Lead Love delivered more than what they promised; we had a great experience with them. Now, our entire company is using the workflows that Lead Love set up on HubSpot, and they work really well. Lead Love was able to set up our processes in one place, which was the success metric for this project."

Grace Bishop

Founder, CEO

Anastasia Zhukova

Director of Operations

Anna Haugen

Director of Client Services


Operations Manager

Matty Ferrara

Junior Implementation Specialist

Charity Redding

Junior Implementation Specialist

Brandon Smith

Implementation Specialist

Ryan Wong

Junior Implementation Specialist


CMS Developer

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Revenue Operations Manager


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