How To Set Up The Salesforce Integration in Hubspot

Once you have your HubSpot account up and running, you’ll need to connect your Salesforce account (if relevant, of course).

Here are the 5 basic steps for setting up your Salesforce integration in HubSpot:

1. Check Sync Health and fix any sync errors
2. Monitor your API Call Use and stay within the limit
3. Set Sync Settings for HubSpot → Salesforce
4. Set Sync Settings for Salesforce → HubSpot
5. Set up Company, Contacts, Deals, and Activities Property Mapping
The integration often requires active management (and oftentimes troubleshooting ), so it’s important to work with a team of experienced HubSpot and Salesforce pros.
Fortunately, this has become an expertise for Lead Love and something that we actively manage for several of our Enterprise clients.

If your organization needs help with creating or managing a HubSpot – Salesforce integration, schedule an intro call!