How to Maximize Your Hubspot Investment

Many clients come to us using a limited set of the features in their HubSpot portals – ultimately not getting the most out of the subscriptions they’re paying for.

There are some really powerful advanced features that users are not often aware of.

From simple features like Email Integrations to advanced solutions like Full Funnel Reporting, we help our clients maximize their investments.

Sales Tools

One of the first things that we tell clients to focus on is the Sales Tools. It’s important to make sure that you’re using all of the bottom-of-the-funnel features so that you’re sending your traffic into a sales process that converts well. One of these features includes the Personal Meeting Link tool, where you can create a page with your calendar availability for anyone to book a meeting with you.

You can also standardize and automate a series of sales actions, including tasks, calls, emails, etc. This is called a Sales Sequence and it can save your sales team a lot of time.

Another important tool is the HubSpot Email Integration. As you’re having sales conversations day-to-day via email, those contacts can get automatically added to your database so all of that activity is being tracked.

Marketing Automation Tools

Once you have your Sales Tools set up, you can start to focus on some of the fun Marketing Automation features. Email Nurture Campaigns are essential to keeping the contacts in your database engaged.

You can set up Automated Workflows to email these contacts based on different actions that users are taking.

By using these two Marketing Automation tools together, you can get the most out of the database that you’re building and ensure that contacts are hearing from you on a regular cadence.

Full Funnel Reporting Tools

A more advanced tool that is really great to be able to take advantage of is Full Funnel Reporting. By setting up a Full Funnel Report, you’re able to start tracking how money spent on an advertisement turned into specific Closed-Won Revenue.

This is a super powerful tool to be able to use because you can see exactly which campaigns are bringing in Closed-Won Revenue and which campaigns are just bringing in contacts that may not be converting at the end of the day.

From there, you can easily adjust campaigns as needed and optimize your whole sales and marketing system around Revenue Generation.

Choosing to work with an experienced team of experts is so important for new and existing HubSpot users to maximize their investments, and ultimately achieve #growth for their organizations.

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