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Unlock the full potential of your RevOps stack - from seamless migrations to continuous growth and support.

HubSpot RevOps Implementation Done Right

Moving to HubSpot from cobbled-together RevOps tools? Very exciting! We’ll set you up for success and long-term scalability from day one.

Why Choose Lead Love as Your Partner for RevOps Implementation?

  • Anticipate and overcome limitations: We spot potential challenges well in advance, and provide process designs that will run smoothly.

  • We speak RevOps: We know the different priorities and challenges of marketing, sales, and customer success. This diverse expertise helps us connect all your requirements to develop cohesive and actionable data strategies.

  • We scale with you: Our experience extends to features you might need in the future, like revenue attribution analytics and funnel optimization. We provide solutions with future scalability in mind, so you’re always ready for what the future brings.

  • Comprehensive Training and Support: Beyond implementation, we provide extensive user training and onboarding support. We plan for iterations based on user feedback and offer proactive training, combined with on-demand support, so you and your team always have access to resources critical to success.

How We Work With You

  • Data gap analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of your reporting needs to ensure your HubSpot implementation is aligned with your business objectives, providing relevant, actionable data.

  • Visual roadmaps: Our visual roadmaps provide clear, concise process overviews. This helps set expectations and timelines, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  • Train users, and incorporate feedback: We provide effective user training, and we incorporate user feedback for iterations. These things are key to the successful adoption of a new system.

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Involving Lead Love prior to purchasing HubSpot can reduce costs. We’ll map out the detailed requirements and prep things like import files in advance, so you’re not paying for HubSpot before you’re ready to use it. After that, we can make sure you get exactly the tools you need - no more, no less.

HubSpot’s onboarding is great if you have an internal project lead with some background in marketing automation and/or CRM administration. The key difference is that HubSpot’s onboarding specialists will not do hands-on implementation.

  • HubSpot-led onboarding: Next, you need to import your contacts. Here’s a knowledge base article about how to import contacts into HubSpot.

  • Partner-Agency led onboarding: We’ve exported, re-formatted, and imported your contacts. There were 20 invalid email addresses - if you want to provide updated email addresses, we’ll re-import those. 

This varies, and these are some commonalities that apply for all.

  • Sales and Service team members will need to connect their own email inboxes and calendars, and configure settings for those. We can do this via live training, or they can do it independently.


  • We can include some copywriting within our scope of work. But in most cases, clients provide text for any external communications. This might be for confirmation emails, website chat flows, or initial nurture automation. 


  • Any existing process documentation that can be provided is helpful, but having it  is not a requirement.


  • We’ll need some meeting times with stakeholders to:
    • Collect information about KPI’s, requirements, and existing processes
    • Present recommendations, reporting dashboards, and other assets for feedback and approval
    • Provide training

We recommend reviewing your current RevOps tech stack for compatibility with HubSpot. It’s important to check for each platform’s integration app within the HubSpot app marketplace, and make sure they will connect according to your needs.

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